Don’t let loadshedding get you down.  Use one of our solar or battery solutions to power you during loadshedding or go completely off the grid.

You can reduce your electricity bill significantly and your installation is tax deductible, whilst adding value to your home. Solar energy is a renewable energy source and reduces carbon emissions.

Tired of losing productivity and the inconvenience of loadshedding? We have the solutions for you.

Benefits of solar:

  • Solar energy can reduce your home’s electricity bill.
  • Homes with solar panels installed may improve home value.
  • Solar installations are tax deductible.
  • Solar panels have low maintenance costs.
  • Solar energy can generate electricity in any climate.
  • Solar energy is a renewable energy source and reduces carbon emissions.



Grid-Tied Solar PV

This system is primarily used for electricity cost saving. It does not include any batteries and the grid-tied inverters turn off during times of no grid power. Businesses can expect a 100% tax-deductible allowance in year one.

Battery-Tied Solar PV

A battery-tied system with a hybrid inverter may be the solution you need if you are looking for energy security, plus savings on your electric bill for your home, office or business. These systems are expandable and solar can be added later as the budget allows.

Loadshedding Battery Backup Solutions

If you are looking for a smaller and more cost-effective solution for things such as your internet, PC/laptop, tv and/or some LED lights this one is for you. This is particularly popular for people working from home that just need to power the basics to not lose productivity.

Off-Grid Solar PV

To take a building completely off the grid is normally a costly exercise that needs a lot of solar panels. It has its benefits but is not the first choice in urban areas where hybrid systems are more popular.

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